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Plant & Equipment Maintenance

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VISUAL Enterprise’s Plant and Equipment Maintenance software applications help improve your ability to schedule routine internal maintenance and generate revenue for your company. Through the use of Plant and Equipment Maintenance, you can maintain customer service agreements and schedule preventative maintenance tasks for customer-purchased products. This integrated system provides a single information source from which you can track and access data related to multiple and customer-specific maintenance agreements.

Though integrated into one powerful module, Plant and Equipment Maintenance consists of plant maintenance software and equipment maintenance software. Through the Plant Maintenance software component allows you to maintain schedules for preventive maintenance tasks for the products you use internally as well as the products your customers purchase. The Equipment Maintenance software functionality places focus on the equipment you use, and maintains multiple task schedules for each piece of equipment, such as daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or any user-defined maintenance schedule.

Plant and Equipment Maintenance also helps you respond quickly to unplanned repairs with minimal effect on production and delivery. Regularly scheduled maintenance usually prevents most equipment problems from occurring, however, unforeseen equipment problems inevitably arise. By tracking maintenance activities within a single system, you can view equipment histories and guarantee that you stock the parts typically required for repairs, which allows you to respond immediately to service requests.
Plant and Equipment Maintenance makes servicing customer agreements and your own equipment less time consuming and more manageable. You can create scheduled work orders for maintenance tasks and track revisions to each work order, including Fault Type and Fault Code, Urgency and Escalation Code, and response Remedy Type and Remedy Code. You may also want to assign specific labor resources, from within regional and branch offices, to perform service tasks.

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