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To manufacturers around the world, Lilly Software has become known for providing innovative, execution-focused solutions that have enhanced the operational performance of companies in a host of industries. As an innovator in the development of the manufacturing window card metaphor, for example, our technology allowed manufacturers to visually manage their operations for the first time. Later, our patented Concurrent Scheduler revolutionized the way manufacturers generated their shop schedules, ensuring the most efficient use of materials, resources and information. Whether make-to-order, make-to-stock, repetitive, or multi-mode, LSA continues to offer unrivaled support for virtually any manufacturing method.

While we continue to support traditional techniques such as MPS and MRP, it’s clear that today’s increasingly competitive marketplace is causing the majority of manufacturers to focus on the principles of lean manufacturing in an effort to reduce inventory levels, cut lead times, and improve on-time delivery performance. To that end, Lilly Software has once again led the way with a number of “pull” based solutions that allow companies to streamline their operations and significantly increase productivity and profitability.

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For manufacturers without capacity constraints, for instance, our industry leading VISUAL Easy Lean™ will provide all the benefits of lean manufacturing to an operation—without a long, expensive plant conversion. This solution is so powerful and the results so dramatic that LSA backs it up with the industry’s only lean manufacturing money back guarantee (see our President’s Challenge page for details).

Conversely, VISUAL DBR® provides capacity constrained organizations with the ability to create production schedules based on the Theory of Constraints and the Drum-Buffer-Rope technique. The result is the virtual elimination of the adverse effects of Murphy’s Law disruptions, and the facilitation a more lean, productive operation. Additionally, for repetitive manufacturers we’ve transported VISUAL’s leading graphical interface to the kanban production methodology, now depicting it visually. This easy-to-use interface perfectly mimics shop floor activities, letting you easily and accurately track what’s happening on the shop floor to make more timely, informed business decisions.

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies are under extreme pressure to provide quality products at competitive prices, and to deliver them faster than their competition can. With the industry’s most diverse and powerful solutions focused on manufacturing, Lilly Software helps you do just that.

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
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