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Labor & Material Barcoding

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To meet your inventory management and labor tracking needs, Lilly Software offers VISUAL Barcode Transaction System™ (VISUAL BTS). Using barcoding software technology, VISUAL BTS allows you to automate labor and material tracking processes within your enterprise, print industry-compliant barcode labels, and eliminate data entry errors.

VISUAL BTS, consists of three optional modules to help you manage material, inventory, and labor, as well as optimize your workflow: Automated Material Tracking System (AMTS), Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS), and Wedge/PC Barcoding. It also offers a label printing utility that seamlessly integrates VISUAL Enterprise and Loftware® Print Server 2000, providing barcode label design and printing technology. Together with industry-leading Loftware label design and print software, VISUAL BTS supports a range of customer and standard label types.

The AMTS barcoding software system uses barcode hardware to help you optimize inventory and manage material and finished goods. With barcode technology, you no longer need to search for "lost" parts, or wait for batch updates to perform planning activities. VISUAL BTS’ AMTS component provides the functionality and integration you need to control your inventory through your operation, from receipt through shipping, ultimately improving your customer service capabilities.

For labor tracking, Lilly Software offers two separate barcoding software options: ALTS and Wedge/PC Barcoding. Using Radio Frequency (RF) barcode readers, you can track real-time labor transactions in the Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS). Using ALTS and RF, you gain more control over the labor entry components within your operation, and improve accuracy of labor information within your company.

The Wedge/PC Barcoding software system uses a VISUAL workstation attached to a wedge barcode reader for each input device. You enter data via a barcode wand or laser gun and the PC keyboard. Entries appear directly on your workstation screen, allowing you to view more extensive information than what is available on the display of your wedge device.

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