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Dimensional Inventory

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VISUAL Enterprise offers two separate types of inventory tracking software: Material Planning and Dimensional Inventory Tracking. Dimensional Inventory Tracking provides you with a high level of control over your inventoried parts. Rather than seeing just the total inventory quantity of a specific part, you can see the total quantity broken down by its various dimensional sizes. Additionally, Dimensional Inventory Tracking allows you to issue a specified number of pieces by dimension, then VISUAL calculates the total order quantity by making the necessary unit conversions.

The inventory tracking software functionality closely interact with VISUAL Enterprise, so that any transaction involving a part triggers an immediate adjustment of all associated material quantities, even on a per project basis. The Warehouse Inventory Tracking functionality, through the use of conversion factors, goes a step further, allowing you to purchase, receive, and stock inventory in differing units of measure. You simply need to enter the number of pieces of material, the required dimensions, and the warehouse location. Perform physical inventory counts when you specify the number and dimensions of those pieces, or you can automate the physical count, cycle count, and ABC analysis processes.

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