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Sales Forecasting

Lilly Software offers a powerful sales forecasting tool to customers looking to prepare forecasts for their sales forces quickly and easily. The Statistical Sales Forecasting software within Front Office allows you to create forecasts for hundreds or thousands of items by selecting the best model for each individual series, optimizing the parameters, and creating the forecasts. You can easily graph your sales forecasting results, view the forecasting reports, and instantly make discretionary adjustments. The flexible nature of VISUAL Enterprise’s sales forecasting software lets you either manually specify the forecasting methodology, or allow the Statistical Sales Forecasting module to automatically choose it for you. You do not require any statistical knowledge to use the sales forecasting tool.

With the Sales Forecasting module installed with VISUAL Enterprise, you can automatically generate forecasts using a wide variety of options, including automatic model selection, trading day adjustment, power transformations, and forecast evaluations. Use the sales forecasts to fine-tune model selections and compare different forecasting systems. Generate and print the sales forecasts, confidence limits, model details and diagnostics, then export the forecasted data into Lotus® and Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet formats, ASCII files, or directly into the VISUAL Enterprise database.

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