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Order Management

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VISUAL Order Management® is an order processing software solution that allows companies to manage a large volume of customer orders and meet varied fulfillment objectives. The powerful order management software within VISUAL Enterprise helps you manage customer orders, allocations, and new product deployment planning throughout your supply chain. VISUAL Order Management helps you achieve optimized fulfillment, rapid order processing cycles, cost-effective sourcing of inventory to customer orders, and increased revenue with capabilities such as substitution, cross-selling items, and Value Added Services (VAS).

This integrated order processing tool’s easy-to-use Windows interface and "drag and drop" capabilities help you save time processing orders. You can use VISUAL Order Management to easily manage and track your inventory, confirm current and future inventory availability, define primary and alternate warehouses for each customer, and reserve inventory for priority customer with future ship dates.

VISUAL Order Management helps you improve customer support, order monitoring, and order maintenance by a quick access to detailed order status information.

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