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VISUAL Enterprise offers you an optional, completely integrated Front Office software suite. The applications that reside within Front Office include a complete customer relationship management (CRM) software solution, e-business functionality, custom pricing and commissions, and various other customer order management options. The CRM software applications offer start-to-finish customer-related activity control, from the entry of customer quotes, through customer order entry, sales, engineering, production, costing, shipping, and customer service. The Front Office software allows you to manage prospective customers, existing customer accounts, contracts, sales and marketing campaigns, pricing, commissions, Internet shopping, and customer returns. Integrated tools eliminate redundant data entry tasks and ensure consistent, detailed information throughout your front office personnel.

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Front Office features work together to help you quickly access sales order data, fill customer orders, meet varied fulfillment objectives, and cost-effectively source inventory. You can create comprehensive quotes, determine realistic delivery dates based on current material and resource availability, and easily turn quotes into sales orders. VISUAL Enterprise’s Front Office modules offer your sales associates the necessary tools to generate forecasts and plans, as well as organize revenue pipelines. They also provide customer service representatives with the online support they need to track customer orders and respond quickly to scheduling changes.

Customer Relationship Management
Sales Forecasting
Product Configuration
Wireless Communications
Quoting & Estimating
Order Entry & Invoicing
Contact Center
Order Management
Return Material Authorization
Pricing & Commissions


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