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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Lilly Software offers a complete customer relationship management solution to its customers: VISUAL CRM®. The fully integrated Customer Relationship Management software provides the tools you need to manage your prospects, customer accounts, contracts, and sales and marketing campaigns. The core functionality of VISUAL Enterprise includes the CRM Contact Center module. Five additional add-on modules help address your company’s individual requirements, and consist of Sales, Field Service, Marketing, and a Help Desk solution, as well as a Remote Synchronization tool.

Lilly’s customer relationship management solution can help you improve the effectiveness of your sales team through the use of quotes and estimates during the sales cycle. CRM helps reduce redundant data entry and eliminate data entry errors by allowing your sales team to automatically convert quotes and estimates to orders. You can develop and analyze revenue pipelines and create sales plans to help define the steps involved in your sales cycle. VISUAL CRM also allows you to assign quotas by sales rep, territory, business unit, branch, or division.

Field Service:
Customer satisfaction relies heavily on your ability to respond quickly to customer concerns. VISUAL Enterprise’s customer relationship management software suite allows you to deliver exceptional customer service within the Field Service module. You can manage service orders, warranty and maintenance contracts, dispatch scheduling, RMAs, inventory, and billing. Quickly search customer records and trace issues, by contract number, part serial number, or part ID, then assign appropriate technicians to service orders. The total integration of VISUAL CRM to VISUAL Enterprise allows you to automatically generate service-related customer invoices, and assign charges to the General Ledger.

The success of your customer service team can rely on your own marketing campaigns within your organization. The Marketing module keeps your team aware of your current campaigns, events, target strategies, and literature updates. You can create catalogs of marketing literature, and automate the fulfillment of documents, track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and events. In tracking and managing your Marketing strategies, you can increase your overall ROI.

Help Desk:
Within VISUAL CRM, you have access to a complete Help Desk solution that allows you to track customer calls and create a comprehensive knowledge base of customer issues and resolutions, as well as the history of resolution attempts, complete with time, date, and user ID stamps. A powerful management tool, VISUAL CRM’s Help Desk automates the record keeping and helpful search tools, and lets you prioritize and assign customer calls to the appropriate specialists for resolution. Logging calls based on part ID, product serial number or category, and service contracts reduces help desk response time and improves customer satisfaction.

Remote Sync:
Lilly’s customer relationship management solution allows you to mobilize your customer sales and service teams. The Remote Synchronizer of VISUAL CRM provides sales and service team members with the most current information, even when they’re on the road. After completing offline business transactions, remote users can synchronize the new data and download the latest leads, account history, and product data. The optional Remote Sync module improves productivity and eliminates manual data entry errors through the synchronization of data from the Sales and Contact Center modules as well as e-mail. Your data transfers are quick and efficient, as Remote Sync does not update the entire database, only the fields you have changed or added since your previous synchronization.

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