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VISUAL Quality® is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide quality management system that addresses quality assurance issues within specific areas of your operation. You can establish, track, and manage every engineering activity and supply chain expectation while supporting your business growth and profitability goals. Use Lilly Software’s quality management software to create critical manufacturing specifications for products, processes, equipment, and measuring devices, and improve enterprise team collaboration with vendors, customers, and employees. VISUAL Quality provides tools that help you automate associated design, pre-production, production, and post-production activities, expertly manage business performance, and easily collect, control, and analyze quality system data.

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VISUAL Quality includes functionality to complement other VISUAL Enterprise software components, including Engineering and Product Management, Supply Chain Management, and Workflow. Each of these functions, within VISUAL Quality, focus on the quality management system of your operation.

Engineering and Product Management

The Engineering and Product Management component of VISUAL Quality offers Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), which allow you to manage engineering processes from concept and design, through all phases of product development. Engineering project management helps you to initiate and drive short- and long-term engineering activities, including new product development, new OEM projects, and other critical activities. Product Data Management (PDM) functionality unites part master information, Bill of Material detail, design characteristics, and key production specifications into a single database environment to achieve complete control over products. VISUAL Quality’s Document Management functionality centralizes the location, change history, and document audits for electronic and physical documents. Inspection plans, FMEAs, and control plans help you to maintain critical product and process specifications with associated equipment, device, inspection, and control charting, as defined in Product Data Management and Process Management, and you can also create inspection plans linked to SPC for engineering review and evaluation.

Within Equipment and Tooling Management, use tools for preventive and reactive maintenance, including equipment and tooling lists, and integrated ERP and Preventive Maintenance records. Through Calibration and Device Studies, you can document, schedule, and track devices, as well as test equipment for calibration. VISUAL Quality also supports integrated process management (IPM) that identifies problems that can positively or negatively impact operations, even before the product reaches shipping or review board personnel. Additionally, you can prepare control charts and perform management direction, planning, gage capability, process control and capability analysis, sampling plan preparation, and process detail documentation within the Process Capability and Statistical Process Control (SPC) component of VISUAL Quality.

Supply Chain Management

The quality management system functionality places focus on your complete supply chain, including customer, supplier, and employee communication. You can develop, track, inventory, schedule, and perform with ease the tedious maintenance involved with tracking skills, training, qualifications, productivity, and performance.

You can use VISUAL Quality to manage Skip-lot and Vendor Performance information, and perform incoming inspections, then compare the information against your internal receiving requirements. Through the quality management software package, you can schedule all preventive maintenance (PM) and reactive maintenance tasks, detect, assign, and track continuous improvement activities and nonconformances (NCM). Additionally, you can use the system-wide Corrective Action and 8 Discipline (8D) reports to manage assignments and employee performance. Using the Supply Chain functionality allows you to assess and control overall business performance, manage audits, and determine the true cost of quality.

Workflow Tools

VISUAL Quality supports workflow tools, including system-wide task management and enterprise team collaboration, which uses My To Do List, a single point-of-reference window, to analyze all activities within the system, access employee work overload conditions, reassess priorities, and assign additional resources to the necessary jobs.

Within Projects Management, you can record, schedule, and track resource usage, as well as project assignment completion. Use the Multi-Vendor workflow capabilities to manage your end-to-end e-business strategy from product conceptualization through multiple site worldwide distribution, using the manufacturing business process as the central point.

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