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Engineering Definition

VISUAL Enterprise uses a full-color, graphical interface, the Manufacturing Window®, as the main component of its engineering definition software component. The master engineering and production management tool allows you to create an engineering plan or Bill of Material (BOM) quickly and easily, the use the design to automatically create a quote and/or work order. The display and reporting features of the engineering definition software provide a comprehensive view of all materials and operations involved in the engineering process.

The Manufacturing Window seamlessly integrates with the material planning, purchasing, and scheduling tools within VISUAL Enterprise, providing the ultimate control over inventory, costs, and resources. Comprehensive tracking tools offer complete, as-planned and as-built data from the highest summary level to the deepest level of detail for each individual transaction, ensuring accuracy in your cost roll-ups.

The engineering definition software within VISUAL Enterprise allows you to create "what-if" schedules, check material and equipment availability, and perform material netting, then gives you the option of generating associated purchase orders. You can create, view, and modify engineering plans, view a costed Bill of Material that includes estimated, actual, variance, and projected costs, and view history by revision level for the Bill of Material.

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