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VISUAL Enterprise™  for Distributors

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After recognizing an absence within the software of an end-to-end supply chain solution that integrates Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities, Lilly Software developed VISUAL Enterprise™ for Distributors. This solution offers you a single, comprehensive solution for your order management, inventory, and warehousing requirements.

VISUAL Enterprise for Distributors offers, within its Foundation, modules that help companies easily track orders, build reports, and deliver finished goods on schedule. If you face the challenges of managing varied distribution channels, setting up Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets, and handling high-volume order entry, Lilly’s warehouse management software provides the functionality you need to deliver superior customer service.

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The foundation of the WMS software solution is your customer order management capability. Integrated e-business technology and advanced order management capabilities help you meet the demands of your customers. You can instantly access critical data and process quick, successful customer orders, track and maintain those orders, control your inventory, and improve communication throughout your supply chain. Strict inventory control helps you quickly respond to demand and make intelligent, cost-effective decisions. Multi-site functionality allows you to create interbranch transfers (IBTs); internal shipping documents that accurately track the movement of part quantities between warehouses.

Complete warehouse management system functionality includes the integrated VISUAL DCMS® (Distribution Center Management System) module, which also supports the 3PL industry by offering advanced warehousing functionality that manages inventory from the point of receipt through storage and shipping.



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