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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Lilly Software offers a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) software package that helps you manage inventory flows, labor, and resources. VISUAL DCMS®, available in either a paper-based or Radio Frequency (RF)-enabled mode, is flexible enough to accommodate single or multiple distribution centers. VISUAL DCMS integrates fully with VISUAL Enterprise, and ensures that inventory information is always available, accurate, and current. You can also run VISUAL DCMS as a stand-alone WMS software system within your distribution center, if you do not require the enterprise-wide functionality of the VISUAL Enterprise system.

For smaller distributors, Lilly Software offers a paper-based version of VISUAL DCMS. If you require a cost-effective alternative to expensive Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanning solutions, VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based edition is an affordable, powerful option that allows you to automate your operations, track inventory within locations, and take advantage of the many features of Lilly Software’s standard WMS software product.

Warehouse Management System
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