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Rate Maintenance & Billing

Within VISUAL DCMS (Distribution Center Management System), Lilly Software provides Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies with an advanced customer billing software solution. Rate Maintenance and Billing uses rules-based formulas to help you establish any possible rate structure based on a mix of activity and storage in your distribution center.

A major requirement of 3PL providers is the ability to negotiate with customers, to the penny; not just for value-added services and dollars per square foot of rack storage, but for all aspects of business, from the use of lift trucks to the faxing of bills of lading. To meet the unique billing structures of 3PLs and provide the functionality you require, VISUAL DCMS’ customer billing software solution allows you to define and collect operational, storage, and front office information, then review all billing information to ensure accurate billing and invoicing. VISUAL DCMS automatically generates invoices, based on rules-based formulas that you create to reflect any rate structure you need.

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Rate Maintenance & Billing
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