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VISUAL Enterprise optionally includes a powerful workflow management system that transmits important information to the appropriate person, either inside or outside your organization, through a familiar e-mail interface. In addition to e-mail, the messaging and workflow software delivers alerts to user workstations, pagers, cellular phones, printers, and fax machines.

Within the workflow management software, you define the important manufacturing process events that trigger VISUAL Enterprise to create and transmit messages to selected personnel. This allows your employees to focus on other business without the need to constantly “check in”, and ensures that they will be informed of and can act on critical information within your organization.

The workflow management software allows you to automate your business processes, and integrate policies and procedures with information flow according to pre-defined conditions or rules. The workflow software component allows information to pass from one person or department to another through a process cycle. You create rules that dictate courses of action. VISUAL Enterprise includes master, predefined, and user-defined workflow templates, which help you create and ensure a logical, repeatable flow of data.

After you define a workflow, you can release this design into the VISUAL system, where it operates behind the scenes. Various mechanisms notify you of tasks and activities that require action.

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