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VISUAL Payroll™ is Lilly Software’s sophisticated payroll software solution. The VISUAL Payroll system integrates fully with other VISUAL applications, including VISUAL Enterprise, VISUAL Financials, and VISUAL Human Resources. You can easily transfer information from the payroll accounting software system to other applications, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry, and ensuring the integrity of your payroll data.

The VISUAL Payroll system supports all federal taxes, and includes state-of-the-art functionality such as direct deposit, 401(k) plans, electronic tax and wage garnishment remittance using ACH or EFTPS payment systems, magnetic media tax filing, and sophisticated report sorting and timing features.

The payroll software solution lets you define company 401(k) plan(s), establish automatic deductions by employee, and automatically accrue 401(k) company matches. You can track company and/or 401(k) loan balances and apply payroll withholdings to debt repayment. You can set up electronic payments and use ACH or EFTPS to generate tax and wage assignment payments, rather than having to issue paper checks. Use an unlimited number of employee wage direct deposit splits. Based on a user-defined payment schedule, you may issue tax, assignment, and garnishment payments in a timely manner.

The VISUAL Payroll accounting software reporting capabilities allow you to create or modify user-defined reports and queries through a direct interface with Gupta Report Builder as well as other third-party report writing/OLAP tools. You can also view, print, e-mail, or export data from an assortment or standard reports. Use VISUAL Payroll to import labor ticket entries from VISUAL Enterprise, including proper breakdown of shift differential and overtime hours. To help reduce data entry and input errors, create templates for standard earnings and/or deductions.

Additionally, you can subscribe to tax table maintenance support. This option allows you to conveniently download tax tables from www.LSAGateway.com, which contain the most up-to-date federal and state tax rates for use within VISUAL Payroll.


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