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Lilly Software’s .NET-Based VISUAL Financials
Global Edition Goes Live

07 April 2003, Hampton, NH (USA) —Lilly Software Associates announces that its beta customer, Innotek®, has successfully gone live with VISUAL Financials® Global Edition. Within two months, the company implemented its new financial system and is already seeing the benefits, especially in data tracking and reporting. Headquartered in Garrett, Indiana, Innotek and its sister company Invisible Fence, Inc., are world leaders in electronic training and containment systems for both pet dogs and sporting dogs. Innotek and Invisible Fence products are available worldwide through an integrated network of retailers, websites, and dealers/installers.

Innotek has been a VISUAL Enterprise™ customer for over three years, and with an expanding number of sales channels across the United States and other countries, it was a prime candidate for Lilly Software’s new financial solution. Lilly Software designed VISUAL Financials Global Edition specifically for companies operating multiple entities, divisions, sites, and subsidiaries worldwide.

Mary A. Pickett, Controller for Innotek, explains what inspired the company to update its VISUAL Financials to the Global Edition:  “When we saw a demo of the product, we recognized the flexibility in report writing and the benefits of the online screen inquiry. We also liked that the application was written in Microsoft .NET and that Lilly was developing it into a Web-based product.”

VISUAL Financials Global Edition offers tools that promote faster, accurate, real-time accounting transactions and provides managers and transaction entry personnel with the information they need to make informed decisions. Lilly Software chose to write the latest version using the .NET Framework due to the unified development environment and the ability to enable Web Services and rich client-based and device-based user interfaces.
Innotek began implementing on January 1st of this year and went live with the system on March 1st. “The implementation and training went well and we received wonderful support from Lilly Software,” says Pickett.

The company did not have to wait to start seeing a return from its new system. “We are able to extract General Ledger account information immediately from a single screen, rather than having to open individual account screens to get the same data,” says Pickett. “This is a tremendous time saver. The greatest advantage, however, is that now our data is real-time. As activity occurs in production, we see immediacy in numbers for both revenue and gross margin.”

The latest VISUAL Financials release also provides many advanced tools for tracking, reporting, security, and user-friendly inquiry. These features have not gone unnoticed by Innotek.

“We are finding another big advantage with data management,” explains Pickett. “The reporting is flexible and intuitive and is set up to reflect the way that we run our company. Our paper consumption has decreased significantly. Before the Global Edition, we were always printing reports. Now, the online inquiry system gives us our numbers and we can see everything from the high-level balance of accounts to line item details.”

In addition to taking advantage of the statistical reporting features in the future, Innotek would like to move toward Web Services by the end of the year. As the company extends its sales channels, having information available online will strengthen its corporate communications. The new system will help support this growth.

“VISUAL Financials Global Edition is a great product. The design of the software supports accounting and auditing processes with finesse,” says Pickett.


About Lilly Software Associates

Lilly Software Associates, Inc. provides a complete line of enterprise and supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors. The VISUAL Enterprise™ suite of products helps companies capture and analyze real-time data about all their business processes using ERP, Project Management, Business Performance Management, Quality Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Warehouse Management System capabilities. From award-winning software to strategies in Lean Manufacturing and TOC, Lilly Software offers companies the tools they need for higher productivity and profitability.

Most VISUAL® applications run on Windows® 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, UNIX®, LINUX, Novell®, using SQLBase®, Microsoft SQL Server®, or ORACLE® relational databases.

Lilly Software has received many industry awards for its products, service, and financial growth since its inception. Most recently, the company has been voted one of the Top 10 Best of Breed solutions for manufacturing by readers of Consumer Goods Technology, listed in Software Magazine's Top 500, selected as a Top 100 Logistics Information Technology Provider in Inbound Logistics, listed in the Top 100 Application Vendors in Supply Chain e-Business, included in MSI's Top 100 for its eighth year, and ranked as one of Start magazine's Hottest Companies.


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