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Project-Oriented Manufacturers Gain Tools to Deliver On-Time and On-Budget with Project-Based Edition of VISUAL Enterprise

05 December 2002, Hampton, NH (USA) — Lilly Software Associates announces the release of VISUAL EnterpriseProject-Based Manufacturing, a solution for companies that manage complex business projects.

Over the past 10 years, Lilly Software’s integrated VISUAL® applications have been successful for contract and commercial manufacturers wanting to improve their business processes. With the release of the Project-Based Manufacturing edition, these companies can now gain advanced tools geared specifically to help them deliver on-time and on-budget. VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing incorporates Lilly Software’s traditional enterprise functionality such as patented scheduling, production and inventory control, e-business, financials, and logistics with tools for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), project management, earned value reporting, and project costing, control, and execution.

“VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing allows project-oriented companies, such as capital equipment manufacturers, to quickly access information throughout their organization and more easily collaborate with customers and their entire supply chain,” explains Scott Rich, Vice President, Marketing, Lilly Software Associates. “Lilly Software has worked to create an end-to-end product suite that addresses a variety of production strategies. Currently, we are focused on tailoring our solution to meet the unique needs of particular vertical industries. VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing addresses the requirements of companies that use project management techniques. This industry needs a solution that offers stringent cost control and delivers accessible, integrated data, and that is exactly what we are providing.”

VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing is a solution that helps companies manage tasks throughout entire project lifecycles. It includes a comprehensive WBS that allows users to build a hierarchical definition of their project reporting elements, and it supports the planning of multiple projects. The system includes robust features that enable managers to develop and manage costs from Request For Proposal (RFP) through project completion. Users can capture costs from engineering, procurement, production, inventory, and other activities, and perform scheduling and analysis.

Lilly’s integrated functionality allows companies to handle budgets for proposals and approved programs and copy those budgets into work orders and relevant milestones. Users can quickly establish multi-type, multi-year rate codes for direct and indirect costs and expenses. VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing offers project control and execution features that enable users to maintain contracts, set up terms and conditions, and take advantage of tools for risk management. With the system’s powerful tracking and reporting features, companies can expertly manage material and inventory, monitor cash flow, computer overhead, and accumulate labor.

VISUAL Enterprise Project-Based Manufacturing is available now from Lilly Software Associates.

About Lilly Software Associates

Lilly Software Associates, Inc. provides a complete line of enterprise and supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors. The VISUAL Enterprise™ suite of products helps companies capture and analyze real-time data about all their business processes using ERP, Project Management, Business Performance Management, Quality Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Warehouse Management System capabilities. From award-winning software to strategies in Lean Manufacturing and TOC, Lilly Software offers companies the tools they need for higher productivity and profitability.

Most VISUAL® applications run on Windows® 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, UNIX®, LINUX, Novell®, using SQLBase®, Microsoft SQL Server®, or ORACLE® relational databases.

Lilly Software has received many industry awards for its products, service, and financial growth since its inception. Most recently, the company has been voted one of the Top 10 Best of Breed solutions for manufacturing by readers of Consumer Goods Technology, listed in Software Magazine's Top 500, selected as a Top 100 Logistics Information Technology Provider in Inbound Logistics, listed in the Top 100 Application Vendors in Supply Chain e-Business, included in MSI's Top 100 for its eighth year, and ranked as one of Start magazine's Hottest Companies.


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