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To capitalize on your software investment, companies and employees must understand the tools required to help automate business processes. Employees need to learn the new system and become comfortable with its features, understand how less redundant data entry equates to more accuracy and overall greater job satisfaction. Because computer software education is the key to unlocking employees’ potential and enhancing corporate success, Lilly offers computer software education solutions that increase the potential to streamline operations, and increase company profitability.

New Visual ERP Resource Center

Upon purchasing a Lilly Software solution, companies receive a wealth of instruction and training—not only in Lilly Software products, but also in management strategies and execution. Computer software education allows customers to reap the full benefits of Lilly Software’s integrated solutions. Our educators and associates are experts in the fields of manufacturing and warehousing, have the experience and knowledge to answer customers’ questions, work with unique customer issues, and educate on how to optimize the use of the VISUAL system.

Corporate Training

Lilly Software offers an on-going variety of classroom-style sessions at its corporate headquarters in Hampton, New Hampshire. The hands-on computer software training classes include discussions and demonstrations on a number of VISUAL Enterprise modules. Lilly limits the number of employees, so personal attention can be expected, and our customers’ important questions will not go unanswered.

On-site Training

Lilly Software offers the same professional instructions to customers, in a place that is even more hands-on than the classroom—on-site customer training. Ease the transition from the old system to VISUAL, and ensure that employees understand the new software and how it works in the customer-specific environment.

Computer-Based Training

To help train employees at their own pace, Lilly Software offers VISUAL Instructor; an interactive, self-paced, e-training series for both VISUAL Enterprise and VISUAL Financials. VISUAL Instructor makes it easy for supervisors to track their employees’ progress for internal Human Resource certification. The software training courses follow a transactional approach to learning and include a “final” exam that ensures employee comprehension.

Associate Training

In addition to training at corporate headquarters, Lilly Software’s worldwide network of associates offers continuous local training and support. The associates that sell and implement our products have expertise in a variety of industries and production strategies. They understand VISUAL Enterprise and its components, and can help customers get the most our of their software investment.

Lilly Software provides the tools and training to help you differentiate your company from other competitors.




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