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The Lilly Software Mission

To be the foremost provider of leading edge, world-class integrated software solutions for manufacturers and distributors, enabling a dramatic increase in profitability and a competitive advantage through increased levels of customer service.

What can a customer expect?

A Letter from Richard T. Lilly,
President & CEO

Our company vision is simple - to provide first-quality, leading edge enterprise solutions to our customers. That vision has never changed and never will, even as technology and business practices continue to change. Our customers expect Lilly Software to keep them current. They also enjoy the benefits of an extraordinary R&D investment. 

Staying current with technology is a requirement; staying ahead is the very definition of a competitive edge, and our customers have a right to expect that from Lilly Software. We offered the first enterprise solution for Windows and the first rich graphical user interface, both now industry standards. In 1992, we built our product around the concurrent scheduling of materials and resources, a technology we have since patented. Our customers benefit from this superior technology, while their competitors buy scheduling software as an expensive aftermarket add-on- if they buy it at all.

New customers need intuitive, accessible software solutions that help them manage business processes. That is why we build VISUAL products with the flexibility to operate as stand alone applications or to seamlessly integrate as an end-to-end solution. Our interoperable applications help meet a wide range of business needs by offering manufacturers and distributors real-time information and the tools to communicate effectively throughout their companies, as well as throughout their entire supply chain.

Lilly Software customers receive both local and corporate support. We offer a unique network of exclusive associates who sell and support Lilly Software products in more than 30 countries. The very people who sell and implement a system, and know the customer best, are the first line of support. The software developers and customer representatives at Lilly's corporate headquarters are the second line of support.

Our mission is to give manufacturers and distributors the power and control to manage their businesses for success. By staying ahead of technology, we've won our customers' trust, and this will continue to be our strategy for winning the trust of new customers for years to come.

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